Signing of the memorandum of understanding for the implementation of the linear and heavy polyethylene production plan in the presence of the honorable president

with the presence of Hazrat Hojjatul Islam and Al-Muslimin Raisi, the honorable president, Mr. Hosseini Mehrab, the honorable governor of Khuzestan, Dr. Barzegar, the honorable CEO of the organization, and Dr. Amrai, the honorable CEO of Maron Petrochemicals; Maron Petrochemical Investment Memorandum for the implementation of linear and heavy polyethylene production plan in the special zone with an annual production capacity of 300 thousand tons, an investment of 6920 billion Rials and foreign exchange of 278 million dollars was signed. The implementation of this project, in addition to strengthening the employment infrastructure of skilled and knowledge-oriented youth in the region, will play a valuable role in strengthening the economic foundations of the region. Maron Petrochemical Public Relations and International Affairs