CEO Message

Message of the CEO The most significant element in achieving any success is setting goals precisely and specifically. Goal-setting is the most important cause for moving forward and creating the future; goals illuminate the destination as well as the organizational and individual route of flourishment. Having goals resembles a road for future. A valuable effort is the one which is directed towards achieving objectives. An effort without a goal is a shot in the dark. One of the obstacles of success is incapability of individuals and entities in defining objectives. Those who have a dream in mind, not written on a piece paper would reach nowhere. Nowadays, the human goals have come to life in communities, organizations, groups and different departments of our company; each of these communities, in cooperation and internal coordination, make an effort to realize a specific potential of human beings under the auspices of endurance of human life. All of these human communities that work in the context of human life have vision and mission statements that justifies the philosophy of their existence. Achieving the all-embracing perfection and development in life is among the ideal and general objectives of all these human communities which are manifested in different forms in different organizations. The mission and vision statement of any organization is to guide the general activities of the company or business in their desired direction. Generally, policy-makers, who might be different groups of people working in accordance to their organizational culture and management style, define these visions at the level of missions as well as at the operational and practical levels. Particulars of defining the vision and mission statement of our company as well as the level of individual goals/objectives/visions of our personnel are among the important factors that has the potential of playing a significant role in fulfilling organizational visions and achieving success for the company.

Within the same line of thinking, Marun Petrochemical Co. has formulated organizational objectives in 2012 in an attempt to move forward in the route of, ongoing business progress, organizational excellence and performance development, and tries its utter best to reach the envisioned pinnacles of triumph

Amin Amraei, CEO